10 and a bit ways to make tax free money when you're a SINGLE MUM.

This morning I bumped into a lovely lady that I had met a few months earlier and connected with straight away and we got chatting on the side of the road as you do. She was on her way to work, and I was in the way to the beach, skipping a little bit of work…no I did get there on time LOLZ.

We were talking about the world in general until the conversation steered to extra income.

We all need it. Some day’s being a single mum just sux. Not because of the constant ‘everything’, but the lack of funds to do it.

It can really get you down.

You can get depressed or anxious or just want to chuck everything in the “fuck it bucket’.

Some days, $20 is the difference between feeding your kids fresh food from the supermarket to finding something in the bottom of the freezer that has been there since Moses was born and only appears edible with a shit tonne of homebrand tomato sauce.

Just breathe….there is a multitude of solutions. Most of them are tax-free too.

If you are sharing custody or care for your rugrats then there are some options:

  1. You can Airbnb out your rooms when the kids aren’t there. You still want the kids to feel like it’s their room, but put all their belongings in cubes or boxes for easy transportation to and from the garage, the boot of your car or under the house. You can rent a room out for around $50 per night and if you have them week about, then this is another $500 per month. If you can get some professional looking photos to upload on Airbnb, go down that road, or use apps that give that professional look. It takes a bit of organisation, but all the efforts will pay off when your PayPal notifications come in saying that there’s money in your account. WOOO HOOO HAPPY DANCE!

Here are some free apps. Most of them give you a trial for 7 days if you want to use more professional ones, but make a note of it so that you don’t pay the full fee…a bit hard if the money isn’t there though right?! So stick with the freebies if you can.

  1. And if you don’t want strangers in your house, although Airbnb is pretty good. Just make sure they have at least 3 recommendations and a high star rating, you can rent out storage room in your garage. This requires a bit of organisation and maybe some plywood or gyprock if that’s available to partition the area off, but for an extra $50-100 per week that is between $200 and $400 per month or $10,400 – $20,800 a year. That is an overseas holiday, a deposit for a home or stamp duty at least, or private schooling for the kids if that’s important to you. You may even want to get Botox. Crikey you may even want to write a book.
  2. Carpool. Carpool you say, well most people just swap amongst friends for that you may say, but run an ad in Gumtree or other free local papers or Facebook marketplace. Maybe someone needs a lift to work everyday. They can give you petrol money, or share the driving, or a flat fee based on days of the week required and how many kilometres. Like Uber but without the free water and mints. This is not taking little Johnny to the soccer every Saturday morning, unless of course you can, then do it.
  3. Hire out your clothes. Teenagers are doing it, fashion labels are doing it, why don’t you do it too? Especially one off items like formal dresses/occasional wear and shoes (or jeweller, make sure it’s insured.) Most of the time you only wear these things once, (Heaven forbid) and they go to that section of your wardrobe that even the moths can’t find. Make money out of them. If it needs to be dry-cleaned add that to the cost, it’s less for them than buying a new dress and then you can rent it out again. So for $100 hire including dry-cleaning, unless you have one of those steamer gadgets, you can make up to $70 every time you hire it out. Advertising is free, use Facebook or Instagram or Gumtree or the under $100 section in your local paper.

Find that thing that you love to do and do that on the side. Not like a married man though!! LOLZ. What are you passionate about? Is it photography? Is it fitness? Is it sewing? Is it entertaining?

Make a side, cash only, business for these things. Most people get it and if they don’t ask the next person. You don’t want to work with people that don’t understand where you are coming from.

* Maybe you’re the gun chick who makes the BEST cheese platters known to human kind. This goodness costs money, but if you can save on your products then that’s more profit in your pocket. Instagram the hell out of it and get more business through your colourful creations.

* Maybe you love doing hair for special occasions or you can go to people who can’t get to the hairdressers for whatever reason and you can go to their house and do their hair in the comfort of their own home. This is such a win for everyone. A beautiful friend of mine, who is 90 years old, told me that her usual hairdressers was booked out due to Easter and she couldn’t get her hair set for the week. She was most devastated. So I spent a few hours with her drinking champas and laughing our much saggier boobies off. I did this for love, but you can do this during school hours and charge less than the hairdressers and have fun doing it. Or if you are a hairdresser, you can have a day where you invite people to your salon and share your skills with single mums who just need a hand to make that extra bit of money. You may charge them $50 to learn something for half a day, but in turn, they go out and earn a little bit here and there and it really makes a difference.

* Kids parties – CRIKEY. When the kids are young, there seems to be a party every other week. Presents costs money and it just doesn’t stop! So how about you hold your own parties for kids other than your own. It’s exhausting as you know, but if you’re making $250 cash for your time plus the cost of a few activities, then you can make an extra $1000 per month. That’s $12,000 per year and the beauty of it is that your kids can help if you are caring for them that weekend. Ahhhh, what a nice bonding session!!!

Years ago when the kids were younger I made my passion of sewing into a lifestyle business called Sew funky. When I started this business, I had no money. So I put an ad in the school newsletter offering after school care, holiday care and parties. Within a week, I had 12 students at $10 per hour for the term. They paid upfront (so somewhere between $100 - $200 per student) and that was enough for me to buy a “sewing pack” for each student to keep. I bought a few sewing machines and overlockers off Gumtree and opened the doors of the local library. Rent was cheap and it was close by. You need a working with children certificate and a few insurance measures, but for the most part, there were low set costs. Over a period of 3 years, over 400 kids learnt the basics of sewing, had holiday fun that creates memories forever and the parents know that there kids are safe even using scissors, needles and other sharp objects. We would have fashion parades at the end of each day with what the kids made and it was a pretty FUNKY atmosphere. You also get to make lifelong friends. This generates enough money to buy the kids the extra things, go on a holiday or do something that you normally wouldn’t do.

We all need a holiday, even if you can’t afford the holiday, share with someone who can. You can chip in with the groceries or cook the food so the other parent can have a rest or look after the kids. All you need is a sleeping bag and some warm clothes at night, the rest of the time, you just swim, and splash and have FUN.

  1. Here are some other ideas:

* Dog walking 
* House cleaning 
* Lawn mowing 
* Detailing cars

* Hire out your trailer, caravan, tent, camper van, horse, motorbike or wheelbarrow.

  1. Maybe you like makeup. You can go to people’s homes, a bit like the hair thing, and do their makeup. You use their makeup, or have a few necessities of your own and make the ladies feel fabulous for the night. You may only charge $50-$70, but everyone is a WINNER.
  2. If you’re skilled in an area, do that after work too. Resumes and cover letters are a great little money spinner. Good resumes can command up to $100 per person and 5 of those a week outside of your work commitments is a great supplement to your income. I have a few cover letters for rental applications on my website that you can have for free and I’ll add more resources soon. Use these resources to create your own little side business. Word of mouth is very powerful and before you know it, you can afford to get your regrowth sorted out and clean up your bikini line and your French armpits. Hehe.
  3.  You may naturally be an organised clean freak who enjoys decluttering and systemising areas of the home. You could be a SUPERHERO! Some days, everything is too much and all you want is for someone to come in and sort out your life. You could be that chick. If that person has no money, then you could barter your services. Maybe they baked the best birthday cakes on the planet, you could swap a cake for a clean up. Explore the possibilities.
  4. Uber is another source of income that works if you have a great driving record and your car is less than 15 years old, presentable and has petrol in it! Especially if you have a BIG car, great for UberX, work on Friday and Saturday’s day or night, night is better and you can earn in 2 days what a lot of people earn all week.
  5. Do something voluntary. You’re not getting paid. But you’ll amazed at what comes out of those things. You hear of people who get jobs, free food or even marry the man of their dreams. It’s basically called Tithing. The Universe totally loves that shit. The theory is that if you help someone you get your time back 10 fold in the form of money or gifts worth that money. Someone may shout you on a holiday, give you unwanted furniture that you can sell or give you the break you’ve been looking for. Just like that!


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  • Hey Dee I’m Wendz Sharon’s friend .How u doin hun …..What a great read I had a giggle but you have great ideas for making extra $ but it was the way to presented them that got me in .Great work hun loved it :)

    Wendz Wolloghan

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