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Dating—even the word can either make you feel excited or make you want to run for cover and hide under the doona!

But if love is what you long for, then at some point you’re going to have to brave up and dip your toes into the dating pool. 

That’s easier said than done, especially if you’re 40 plus. Most singles in this age group are either widowed, or, have come out of long-term relationships never thinking for a second they’d be flying solo, instead of kicking back with the love of their life on the eve of their twilight retirement years. 

It can be a frightening time compounded by the fear of spending the rest of your life alone. 

For so many singles, they’ve been in relationships since their 20’s. Getting back into the dating game can be daunting. Not only are most of the places they used to frequent when last single not even in existence anymore, just entering the ones that are can make you feel like you’re a hundred years old! 

So, what’s a single to do? Most are wrapping their heads around the online dating communities which are fraught with challenges of it’s own as one single 40 something woman found. 

Dee Faith, a divorced Mum, went headlong into the dating scene and soon found that while online dating has a smorgesboard of potential suitors, like that dark and dingy nightclub, it can have its share of shady characters too. 

Online dating is renowned for keyboard warriors masquerading as the next best thing—luring, misleading, and conning the kind-hearted, and unsuspecting. Dee fell for one its best losing $88,000. Not deterred by one bad apple in the basket, Dee returned to online dating some months afterwards and says there are hundreds of nice guys that far outweigh the Hollywood Harry’s. 

“It’s all fun and games until you swipe right and before you know it, you’ve lost your purse, are sitting on your friends lounge which is doubling as your bed, eating black beans and rice thinking—this is not my beautiful house!”

Initially angry (who wouldn’t be), Dee put her pen to paper sharing the best of her hilarious dating stories, along with a list of things to watch out for when jumping into online dating in her book called ‘The Dickhead List’. Since its recent release in Australia, it has been walking off shelves and into the hands of singles around the country. It’s also made online dating a hot topic! 

“There are lots of positives to online dating, but there are a few things you really have to look out for” Dee said. “There are some people who have obvious red flags you can spot in their profile pics, like the people who post pics of themselves from 10, 20 or even 30 years younger than they are now,  Snapchat out all their wrinkles, or the guys draped over a girl in a sash talking themselves up. But there are loads of non-obvious people that you need to look out for like the married men (or women) living a secret life every other Saturday—the red flags are there, but if you’re new to the game, they’re hard to see. 

A stand-up comedian, Dee’s made light of a tricky game of love that isn’t for the faint hearted. Her book shares practical tips on a good profile, how to communicate with potential dates, what to do when you go for a date, as well as all the things to watch out for. 

“What started with an idea has turned into 15 chapters of hilarious, and practical antidotes to get you through any situation to do with online dating and it's antics. If you are new to online dating, you need this book. If you’ve been dating for a while, you will have a bloody good laugh. If you just need a bloody good laugh, then this is the book for you. Whether you’re breaking up or making up, this has the 1-52 of what you need to know plus some nuggets of gold that will stop and make you think. This book will help you transform yourself into the person you always dreamed of and attract that ONE you've always wanted.' Dee said

The Dickhead List is available in all book retailers online and offline or through Dee’s website

About Dee Faith

Divorced for 5 years now, Dee Faith has left the corporate world full of deadlines and pressure to pursue her love of helping people. As a journalist, an author, a property expert, and a mama, Dee Faith has combined her passion for writing to share her stories and thoughts on the world so that one day she can use her combined real estate knowledge to help women who need help to help themselves to get back on their feet. 
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What you can expect to discover in The Dickhead List;

• How to set up your online dating profile
• How to spot a dickhead
• How to avoid the traps of online dating
• How to navigate online dating and keep you and your children safe
• How to prepare for your first date
• How to set yourself up financially
• How to prepare yourself for the future

Featured in YMag an Australian Business Magazine for Entrepreneurs out this month. Available at all leading newsagents and airports Australia Wide.

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