When Online Dating Goes Wrong!

Have you ever found yourself back online and wondered why?

This is what happened to me...

After being offline with internet dating for over two months, curiosity got the better of me and I went through the rigmarole of joining Plenty of Fish…it actually doesn’t take that long. The whole time I’m doing this, I’m thinking there’s so many opportunities to tell the truth about yourself or completely fabricate your whole bio.

You can lie about your age.

You can lie about your height.

You can lie about your income.

You can lie about anything you like.

But let’s face facts, if you’re lying online, that’s NOT a good start to any relationship, let alone a long term one.

I came across “Jack’s” online profile yesterday and nearly choked on my coffee.

Some people NEVER learn.

He’s younger, taller, and an author (who knew??).

Rolly eye emoji.

Only when you know someone, you know their lies. Dangerous is the man who insists that his lies are the truth over and over again.

It’s like brainwashing…if you say it often enough, even you begin to believe it.

Needless to say, you can see through the lies, the whimsical elaboration of the truth in the vain hope of reeling in the unsuspecting and trusting to go through the whole cycle again until the truth starts to surface and the cracks appear until they are so catastrophic that someone else’s soul has been crushed.

Online dating is a plethora of “looking for the red flags”, distinguishing the BS from the truth and holding your head up high in the process.


You never know what you’re going to hook onto the end of your line.

You thought you were going fishing for a nice snapper, or dew fish or barramundi (or barratuesday) and instead you end up catching Tilapia, Atlantic Cod or Atlantic Flatfish, googles most undesirable fish on the planet. These are the sorts of fish that give you disease, a rash or food poisoning. If these fish are translated into dating terms, you’d cop STI’s, domestic violence or con you out of your money. These are the most dangerous fish of them all, and sometimes when you get them on your line, you can’t get them off as they are wedged tight on your hook and no amount of force, persuasion or cutting the line can get rid of them.

What happens if this happens to you?

Well prevention is better than cure, so firstly keep them on that platform you meet them on first so that they don’t have your phone number or personal particulars.

Meet them at a public place.

If they don’t look like their profile pic, RUN.

If they lie about anything, RUN.

Ask the same question 3 times in 3 different ways, and if the answers are all different, RUN.

If you’ve all ready got them on your line and they’re taking you out to sea with them:

Let your friends know. Friends are your GPS in life. They will help you.

Alert the authorities.

Document everything. Take photos, save texts, screen shot relevant data. Keep a record of it. It’s better looking at it than for it.

Warn others.

Whatever you do, don’t keep it to yourself. Even if you are scared for your safety. This is even more of a red flag…you need to let people know what is going on.

You may think you have lost control, but you haven’t. Just take one step at time and logically think about your next move.

If you get really stuck, join our private page The Dickhead List - Secret Group and if the group can’t help you, we’ll get our team of qualified professional experts to check in on you.


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