About Dee

Dee grew up in a small country town in Western Australia where everyone knew everyone’s business and if they didn’t they would make it up. With this very foundation, Dee knew the importance of always telling the truth because the truth always comes out in the end.

An original "love child' from the 70's, Dee was adopted, at 6 weeks of age, by two fabulous people. They will always be her Mum and Dad. Somewhere though, subconsciously ingrained was the deep seeded belief that she was not worthy, not even by her natural mum. “Otherwise why would she give her up?”

Dee has spent years healing and seeing professionals to overcome her fear of rejection. It is something that she works on, on a consistent basis and may never really be eliminated due to everyday life circumstances, but Dee has developed her own strategies to minimise the pain.

It was not until Dee had her own child that she began to understand what it all meant to give birth to flesh and blood. Once again reiterated by the birth of her second child, her beliefs and behaviours that stemmed from that were the catalyst for writing this book. We all get one shot at life so let’s give it all we’ve got.

Despite all the shenanigans and misadventures that have driven Dee to do things that perhaps others wouldn’t have dared, Dee has spent a lot of her life being formally educated or self- educated through seminars, business development and reading books. This thirst for knowledge has been her saving grace on more than one occasion.

Dee went to a private all girls Catholic boarding school in Perth where everything was forbidden and punishable. Then went on the study Journalism with a Bachelor of Arts at Murdoch University where she had to write the faculty a letter after she failed the first year to get back in, because she didn’t want to be a “bar bitch” for the rest of her life.

Years went passed where Dee was a band manager, a fashion designer and a social butterfly. Literally, with no direction. Her passion for real estate once again pulled her out of the depths of depression and gave her direction to keep on living and move forward with purpose.

Dee met her ex-husband in Broome. They moved to New South Wales in 2003, were married for 10 faithful years and had 2 beautiful girls. They were the most boring days of her life. Dee always felt “trapped” in the union of marriage. Bound by money, restrictions caused by young children and a negative environment to thrive, Dee and her ex called in quits after 10 years of marriage.

Now a ‘blow-in’ Novastrian of 15 years, Dee calls Newcastle home. Dee has many friends that she calls family and will always have Newcastle as a base. Dee is forever grateful for the wonderful friends who have supported her journey regardless of community favour.

The lust for life and the desire to meet men to make up for all the “lost time” is the catalyst for the journey of which "The Dickhead List” was born.

The growth that Dee has experienced in the last 4 years is what you are reading about today. This is not made up. Everything fair dinkum happened and that is actually the 'real' part.