Dee Faith in a Nutshell

No shrinking violet, Deezey says it how it is and not always intentially. You know like outside thoughts, ‘oops, should have just kept that to myself…. too late!’

That’s because Dee grew up in Koji. Well it helped. Out in the sticks. Plenty of ‘alone’ time.

Look it up. See what you find. And don’t start on Google, they’ve got no idea.

Needless to say, it’s a town of 2,500 people and that’s not including the “blow-ins’ and definitely not the ‘outta towners’ and the “passer throughers”! It’s somewhere between Perth and Albany on the Albany Highway in Western Australia and generally good for some hot chips and gravy at the top of the hill, or a coffee at ‘The Black Cockatoo’, at the bottom of the hill, that’s about it. Unless you grew up there, and like most small country towns, if you’re part of the thread, there’s a history long before you showed up and will continue long after you’re gone.

You’re born into what is expected in these parts. If you showed a hint of ‘your potential’ it blew out of proportion before you drove 33 kms to get your milk from the one of two supermarkets on the main drag of town. Crikey, you figured out pretty quickly how much the truth got stretched and how far strong you got at a young enough age and that was between British Bulldog 1,2,3 and after the regular rumour mill. It wasn’t worth it. The neighbours would tell your mum before you got home.  You always told the truth and you had yourself to blame if you wound up somewhere where you weren’t supposed to be.

Usually they’d dock your pay for showing up late the next day. It’s all part of it isn’t it?

Dee Faith was born Deeann Margaret Majorie after both of her grandma’s first names and Deeann which means Divine, named by her adoptive parents who loved Dee Dee as their very own, but she was a handful. The black sheep of the family. At age 8, Deeann told the teachers to call her Dee, it was easier that way, if they couldn’t spell her name, what hope was there? Not too bothered about what people thought of her but mindful of her manners, Dee calls it as it is.

Born in April ‘73, it’s fair to say that back then, single mums were not the “norm” and even though her 16-year-old mum did the best she could in giving her life, Deezey found herself in an orphanage from birth to six weeks. Named Faith Marine, Dee’s twist of fate changed trajectory that lead her on a path beyond her wildest dreams and became a LEWIS. Like most back stories, there comes tragedy and separation as allegedly Deezey’s natural dad dies in a car accident at 18 and her mum, scared pregnant 16-year-old finds herself in a predicament. Of course, she gave birth while she was “living with an aunt in the big smoke” and that’s where it all began.

It turns out that Deezey can string a sentence together which works out all right considering her private school education in the city, boarding with 40 other girls in houses called Sylvester, Ursula and Bernadette and her unpaid HECS fee, thinking anything better than a pass was a waste of good drinking time, but passed with distinctions anyway. Still after all these years, here we are. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, an Advanced Diploma in Property Services and a Cert 111 in Screen Studies and Media, Deezey put pen to paper. It’s funny how these things turn out because when push comes to shove, no one likes to feel used, or violated or discarded, but that’s what happened and Deezey has taken the mish mash of life and thrown in it the mixer and come up with a stroke of genius that has tongues wagging and con artists choking.

Barely local after 17 years, Dee Faith calls Newcastle on the east coast of Australia home. Divorced after 14 years, Dee and her two daughters, can truly tell a story of how lies and deception can rock a family, but in the end, good always wins over evil and karma has a way of sorting it all out. Unity will always TRIUMPH, and the Universe will take care of the rest.

The time has come and there’s no going back. The truth will set you free.

Since the launch of the book, Dee has collaborated with 13 other international authors, featured on Triple M, The Hit Network, ABC radio, Radio Toni, performed at Adelaide Fringe Festival, toured with her comedy act in parts of Oz and has popped in some keynote for good measure at the Skytower in Auckland, New Zealand and The Hilton, Gold Coast where she was awarded one of 8 Female Changemakers in Ymag 2019. Dee appears on Shaun Micallef’s ABC documentary xxx and is piloting her own TV series for Netflix based on her podcast THE MIDDY SHOW.

Growing up with a Hills Hoist made a difference and just getting on with it in true Aussie spirit is second nature. Pure grit and maybe not the best return on investment for all that money on education. Quite often mistaken as a Kiwi for her ‘weird’ accent for being an Aussie chick, who spent hours in the shearing shed as a kid listening to every word the strong Maori shearers said, knowing full well there was more world out there than good ol’ Koji and wanted to get amongst it. Fast forward 10 years, roustabouting “gap year style” was one of those jobs where you earnt your coin during the day, never dropped the broom and spent it getting thirsty playing Euchre late into the night. Hours around a table playing with the ‘Queenies’ of the world will help with that blended accent, that and power naps at smoko.

Life’s a bit like a game of Euchre, some games you pass and some you get ordered up. Even when you play the game full out, you can get totally Trumped - out of nowhere. Then without any warning, you have the Midas touch and get all the tricks! WINNING!! Every now and then, you’ve gotta play alone. The top card of the deck is the only card facing up, you never know how the game is going to unfold, but whatever happens, you always need to have a trick up your sleeve and save your best move for last to keep your hand in the game.

The part of life that keeps it interesting is the part you un expect to happen. Dee has had her fair share of ‘odd bods’, and has definitely been Euchre’d, (for example ‘Jack’ aka Darren John Christensen, the King of Forex), but in fairness, took one for the team to say it how it really is. That’s what happens when you take your eye off the ball. Instead of playing victim here, Dee has harnessed her authentic, down to earth nature, no bars-hold style which is so relatable and hilariously funny to tell it how it is. To help others from doing the same thing and keeping them safe, now and into the future. We all have our lessons to learn and we all meet up to teach each other. The wrong people always teach us the right lessons. We’re all here ‘to keep your hand in the game.’

There’s more to Dee Faith that meets the eye and for all those who have met her or know her, they’ll tell you then same, once you meet Dee Faith, you’ll never forget her name.

Dee Faith, divorced mum, entertainer, comedian and author of The Dickhead List, does not fit the mould that comes with live standup, keynote speaking and presenting in front of the camera. Dee is hilarious. Featured in upcoming ABC documentary with Shaun Micallef, Dee’s personality shines through in her relatable, down to earth yet comical manner.  After spending the last year roaming the country with her comedy show, Dee is performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020 to start her national tour to set tongues wagging! Keynote speaking has become a natural platform for her, speaking in Auckland, the Gold Coast and in her home town of Newcastle. A graduate of Murdoch University in Communications, Dee has used her journalism skills being featured on Triple M, SCA’s Hit Network and ABC radio, more recently US @radiotoni and features in the Woman's Day and New Idea magazines and is currently filming for upcoming podcast 'The Middy Show.'