The Dickhead List Ebook

The Dickhead List Ebook

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This is a book written for those of us who were left at the altar, cheated on, lied to, got stolen from, left widowed, got left right out and all together those whose life didn’t quite turn out how they expected it too. This is for the brave ones who have decided to get back into the world of dating after their heartache dims and the world seems just a little bit brighter today than it did yesterday. Yes this book is for the hopeless romantics among us that want to give love another go and see if there really is a thing called “Happily Ever After.”

This book is your guide to getting around the “ups and downs” of dating.

This book may even become your bible.

The lessons and laughs that are at your fingertips will potentially save your life. A little dramatic maybe but it’s always better looking at it than for it.

Let's just say that this book has been “test and measured” in the market place all in the name of research and with life changing results. Let’s put it this way, if a sister can help out another sister in the ways of a mister then that sister is doing her sister a favour. This is the good, the bad and the ugly guide to giving your heart a second or third or fourth attempt at finding love in all the right spaces.

Men, don't despair, you may secretly pick up a copy of this book and learn a thing or two about the fairer sex. This is not an anti-men book. Men are amazing. If there was ever a guide book to women, this is the closest it's going to get.

This book is meant to be a topic of conversation. It’s meant to evoke opinions. It’s meant to start chatter. This book is really about the list. This book will define who and what constitutes being on “The Dickhead List.”